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1999 Was established in Safir Engineering Consultant Co. Ltd. Information Technologies sector in the network, software and hardware solutions, PC components, PC environment units etc. Corporate and individual different needs to respond to any solution to the product provides. As a basic engineering companies Sta4-cad¹ for the program and Adeko INTELLICAD² programs official supplier of sales and after sales technical support.

3 Pax expert team, hundreds of product range TSE category technical service, said in a distrubuting brands and the company in Mersin's institutions one. Our Company, Microsoft official supplier, Intel's Official System Of Production. Equipment as the IBM, DELL, HP, SONY brands together with the OEM parts of the sale is authorized.

Our Company, the rich product sort of the quality of, the difference and could have the understanding of service, thanks to the public institutions, the armed forces, the great companies, foundations, educational institutions and individual user market as active marketing. Our Company at the same time, this also services via the web sales and technical support services and continuous execution.

1) Sta4-Cad www.sta.com.tr
2) Adeko Intelicad www.adeko.com.tr 

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